Highlights of the historical center 
(Start: 10:00 o’clock or by arrangement)

  • Brandenburg Gate - Brandenburg Street („Potsdam Broadway“)
  • Carillon of the former Garrison Church
  • Marstall (oldest building of Potsdam)
  • Alter Markt incl. Nikolai Church and City Palace reconstruction
  • Barberini Palace (inauguration by Angela Merkel, Hasso Plattner & Bill Gates in 2017)
  • Dutch Quarter

Ride on the Havel

  • Unique experience of nature in the most attractive water region of Germany
  • View of Babelsberg Palace and Park
  • Fürst Pückler and his Pückler icecream
  • Crossing of the world-renowned Glienicke Bridge / Agentenbrücke
  • View of the Peacock Island 


  • Stop with an amazing view of the Havel
  • Enjoy the regional specialities
  • Visitors are impressed by the great variety of delicious food

Site of Potsdam Conference

  • Cecilienhof Palace (Exterior viewing)
  • Potsdam Agreement, the victorious powers and the division of Germany
  • Soviet garrison in Potsdam  

World heritage “Neuer Garten“

  • The refuge of the “fat profligate“ (Frederick William II)
  • Marvellous English-style scenery
  • Holy Lake 
  • Marble Palace, Pyramid and Orangery

At about 4:30 p.m. we arrive at the Dutch Quarter to finish off an enjoyable day.


  • Enjoy the Prussian cultural heritage, being outside in the fresh air and the Potsdam lake scenery.
  • You are accompanied by a competent, entertaining and committed guide.
  • Fairly flat stretch of way.
  • The beginning of this event can be flexibly adjusted in terms of time. The ideal starting time is 10 a.m.
  • Number of persons: 1 to unlimited (also several groups are possible)
  • The tour is offered from April to October