jan wischnewski PHOTOGRAPHY

Jan Wischnewski loves to tell emotional stories by way of pictures. The main focus of his photographic art lies on fashion photography, business portrays, photo reportage of company events and weddings as well as food photography. Photographic orders should necessarily include the possibility of artistic creativity of the idea and its implementation.

Förderverein Jagdschloss Stern – Parforceheide e.V.

The Parforceheide including the partially preserved hunting grounds, hunters‘ lodge and Castellans House of King Frederick William I of the early 18th century is not just an attractive recreation area for Potsdam and its visitors from near and far. It is here where the history of Brandenburg-Prussia is alive. It is the association’s aim to preserve the Parforceheide with its hunters‘ lodge of major historical value and sustainably revive the Castellans House as a cultural site of interest and as an area of recreation and relaxation. The hunters’ lodge is open to visitors, guided walks through the Parforceheide are offered and events are organised at the lodge.

Theaterschiff Potsdam

Unusual theater at an unusual location…right down in the loading space of an old barge, safely stored just like the freight …uniquely close and intensive!

The Theater Ship is an unusual location of a unique combination of café, restaurant, theater, cabaret and live music. Both the upper deck with a beautiful view and the comfortable belly of the ship where you are at eyelevel with ducks passing by invite you to relax. The ship’s bar presents a wide range of drinks and a great variety of food. The programme includes events, comedies, mystery stories and productions of particular excitement.

An artistic highlight of Potsdam’s theater scene!

Thalia Programmkinos Potsdam Babelsberg

The Thalia art house cinemas are situated in Potsdam-Babelsberg comprising four cinemas and a total of 709 seats. The former „Miniplex“ presenting highly commercial films has been transformed into an art house cinema and has been annually awarded prizes on a federal and regional level for its exceptional program since 2003. The Thalia art house became a member of Europe Cinemas in 2004. The program presents a selected cross section of cinematography and family cinema. In addition to the numerous film series, the house often invites directors, producers and actors as well as experts to film discussions. In the next-door cinema café KONSUM you may comfortably finish off your movie night.

Filmmuseum Potsdam

Here, you are taken through the history of Babelsberg’s film world – in the oldest building of the city! The horse stable of the Prussian kings, established as an orangery in 1685, got its present appearence in the 18th century by the Sanssouci architect Wenzelslaus von Knobelsdorff. The film museum has been resideding in the beautiful baroque building in the historic center of Potsdam, since 1981. While the house was named  „GDR Film Museum” until 1990, it has since been under the responsibility of the Land Brandenburg and in July 2011 became part of the Academy for Film and Television „Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam-Babelsberg. The permanent and temporary exhibitions introduce visitors to the world of film, there are several shows per day.